Pre-K & Kindergarten Program | Ages 5 to 6 Years

These materials are designed to engage the child, encourage the use of their senses, to teach the concept of sequence and order, and to be self-correcting.

The child is part of a multi-age grouping that encourages a family-like atmosphere so that learning can take place naturally and spontaneously as the child works at her own pace with materials selected from the environment.

Ultimate Goals

The ultimate goal of all activities in the Montessori classroom is for the child to learn to accomplish the task independently. Once this is achieved, the child not only experiences the freedom and confidence that comes with mastery but she also has the ability to help a friend.

Freedom within Limits

Children are free to choose activities that have been specifically designed for their use. They are working independently and cooperatively and are given the opportunity to develop concentration, order, cooperation, independence and a love of exploration.

Areas of the Classroom

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor workspace connects the children to nature. We offer a workspace for our children to bring their work outdoors and offer opportunities to bring nature into the classroom such as gardening, caring for plants and learning about types of leaves. Current research supports the importance of connecting with nature and we encourage our children daily.

The Capstone Year – Kindergarten

The Kindergarten year is the capstone year in a Montessori classroom. The five and six-year-old children are coming into their own. They are growing in their sense of identity, social awareness, and have a greater need for conversation and connection. These children are ready for longer works, collaboration with classmates, beginning to understand abstract concepts and are capable of a sustained period of concentration.

At Karter Montessori, we are ready to guide these children as they enter the next phase of development with a holistic approach that addresses the child’s social, emotional, and academic needs.

Our Kindergarteners develop self-esteem and pride as they become role models, helpers, and teachers to younger children. Individualized lesson plans are designed and tailored to each child. They capitalize on each child’s interests and build on their strengths.

Our program solidifies reading, writing, and math skills essential for success in first grade. We offer an authentic Montessori environment that provides children opportunities to discover, create, and master resilience. Our Montessori certified teachers promote critical thinking skills and seek to inspire children with a love of learning.