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DRAMA & THEATRE | 5 TO 14 YEARS | MONDAY - FRIDAY 7:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Every Child Finds A Role
(No auditions necessary!)

And Maybe Even A Hidden Talent In Our Theatre Program

Personal Growth & Confidence

It’s common for children to come to us shy and lacking confidence. After they’ve been with us for just a few weeks, parents can’t believe the transformation! We work as a team to layer skills and work collaboratively to enrich each child’s artistic development. Our goal is that every child feels a part of the whole production and that each child learns that every role within a production is important.  

Spark Imagination

Creating new ideas, updating old ideas and interpreting them into something new takes creative energy and imagination.

Build Focus

Reading scripts and plays and practicing and performing them takes concentration and focus which transfers to all other areas of life, including school and sports.

Improve Memory

In order to play a part, you need to know your lines. The process of learning the words and movements for the stage increase our ability to strengthen and use the memory muscle.

Enhance Communication Skills

Working with others increases both verbal and nonverbal communication. When working on a play or show, you learn to to articulate and project your voice, as well as to listen and observe.

Enhance Empathy

Whenever you play a part, you are, in a sense, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You take on their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and viewpoints which helps you to understand them and their situation more clearly.

Fun Fun Fun!

It sometimes feels like the creative process involved more laughter than work in putting on a production!

Gain Tremendous Self Confidence

Learning lines, studying characters, practicing and performing all help to build character and confidence. The student learns to trust their own instincts, ideas and abilities which they take to all aspects of their lives including school, jobs, relationships and challenges.

We Have Different Kinds of Theater Programs for each age group:

Public Speaking

1st-6th Grade

The Public Speaking Workshop teaching our students to learn by doing.  We teach techniques, but we emphasize application.  Our public speaking workshop teaches:  vocal variety, articulation, voice projection, techniques to overcome anxiety, organization skills and critical thinking skills.

Theater Kidz

5-7 yrs.

This fun-filled course welcomes the youngest budding performers to explore the stage through performance exercises and games. Students learn about stage presence, collaborative play, improvisation, and safe staging. The course concludes with a presentation of an abridged classic story with music.

Musical Theater

6-14 yrs.

This course is for the student interested in exploring the multiple techniques necessary to develop essential skills for musical theater. Students will learn about characterization, vocal projection, movement, and presentational acting styles through exploring the songs and scenes from recognizable Broadway musicals. This course concludes with a showcase presentation of songs and scenes from a single musical.

gianna capelli

Gianna Capelli: Program Director

Gianna Lucia Capelli, is a music educator based out of the DC area. She has currently obtained her BME from Virginia Commonwealth University with a double concentration in Vocal and Organ Studies. Born into a military family, Ms. Capelli has lived in North Carolina, Virginia, and Marsure, Italy.

She is highly involved in the music education of many students in the community. From those musical outlooks, visitation of classrooms and interning at 43 schools in the Greensboro, NC and Richmond, VA area, Ms. Capelli’s research on the  “Language Based model of Instructing Music in the Primary Setting,” has blossomed.   Ms. Capelli was the recipient of the Richmond Music Teacher National  Association Scholarship Program and was nominated by the Virginia Music Teacher National Association for the national award.

Ms. Capelli profiently plays 12 instruments and speaks fluent Italian.

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