Private Kindergarten & 1st Grade Program

Private Kindergarten and 1st Grade 7am-4pm
with extended hours available

Private Kindergarten and 1st Grade
with extended hours available

Nationally Accredited-Small Class Sizes
One on One instruction
Degreed & Passionate Teachers

Our private programs use an integrated curriculum that incorporates various researched proven methods allowing every child to thrive on their individual path building a solid early educational foundation.

Private Kindergarten

Private 1st Grade

Core Curriculum

Through theme based learning, our Private Kindergarten and 1st grade curriculum highlights reading, math social studies, and science. The students also have opportunities to explore themes through enrichment classes such as art, music, technology, Spanish and Mandarin.

Field Trips

Our students visited so many places the past few years from National Battlefield Parks to Museums. Our small group sizes allow this to happen.

Lots of Events Parents Can Enjoy Too

There are events for parent to join our Musical performances, English Tea, and STEAM expo. All year round we encourage parents to get involved and see their kids shine bright! 

Our Students rank nationally in the 85th percentile or higher for reading and math

Personalized reading and math instruction that works for their unique classroom needs. 

Daily Enrichments

Daily enrichments programs include Mandarin, Spanish, Robotics, Science, Art, Music and Performing Arts. 

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